Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Dear Mom,

Oh what a night, and it has nothing to do with late December back in '63. Earlier this evening we went to go see your nephew, my cousin, be ordained as a deacon in his church. Many of the family were there, his mom, uncle and sisters from Georgia even came up to be a part of this. It was a nice service, but we didn't get to stay for all of it because I had to go back to my church to be a part of a Christmas singspiration we were having. I tried to get you to come over to the church with me. I thought you might like just sitting and singing Christmas hymns and songs and having some cookies and hot chocolate. Plus my little kids that I have in my Pee Wee's class were going to be singing 3 songs and I thought you would enjoy hearing them. I couldn't quite convince you to come, you wanted to get home to Bella. So, I had to bring you home and then head right over to the church. I made sure you got into the house safely, but left so Bella wouldn't see me. I knew she would get too excited if she did. I checked to see that you were in with the door shut before I took off. I made it to church in plenty of time. I helped get the pastor's boys set up downstairs at a table, while their mom brought the little sister to the nursery. I sat with them and waited until Pastor and Megan came down, then stayed at the same table with them. We sang a couple Christmas hymns, then the Pee Wees went up to sing their three songs. They were so cute and did a great job. My only regret was not taking video or having someone else take a video of them as I had planned. They were so adorable, though! One of the songs Pastor wanted to be sure the whole sang was"Jingle Bells", so we sang "Jingle Bells" and Mr. Glenn had everyone take out their car keys to be the jingling bell sound! There was more special music from our Youth Director and his wife and the choir. Pastor Tom read the Christmas story to the kids that were there, while they sat on the floor around him. It was so sweet! We sang many wonderful songs. It was so sweet to sing those songs and hear Pastor's boys singing so sweetly and confidently behind me with the songs that they knew well. I especially loved hearing them sing "Glo-ria, in excelsis deo"! It was a great night, and we were out about the same time we normally are out of church if not a teeny bit earlier. I came home and was greeted by Bella as usual. As I was just about to take her out to go potty, I called to say hello to you. I heard a weak cry from somewhere. I quickly walked down the hallway and opened the bathroom door, but it was dark, so you weren't there. Then I went to your room.... there you were on the floor by the front of the bed on your back. I was shocked! I don't know what happened, you still had your clothes on. It looked like you were trying to take your jumper off, I don't know if somehow you fell because of that. Your shoes were beside you, your coat was underneath you, and the Life Alert necklace that you should/could have used to have someone help you was on the floor on the other side of your coat. Kinda defeats the purpose of it, sadly. I didn't know how to try to get you up. Finally I got behind you and just tried lifting you straight up. It finally worked...thankfully. I couldn't help but giggle a little at the craziness of trying to get you up, that made you giggle too. Glad we could get a little giggle, even though it wasn't a funny situation. I am pretty sure you were there the whole time I was gone, but sadly didn't use your Life Alert. Thankfully you were OK. After all of that you were better and of course wanted your ice cream. You had that, but then your TV wasn't working properly, I switched yours with another one, but then had to call Direct TV to get it set up properly. So, boy was I ready to come down here and blog. Thankfully my back has held up OK after lifting you and both of those TV's. I hope and pray things are back to normal for us. So thankful that you are OK and things weren't worse. Sorry I wasn't there for you for a while. God took care of you for me. So thankful! I pray that you will be safe when I'm not here, and that you will remember to use your Life Alert necklace if something goes wrong. I have so many other things to share with you, but will later. Glad you're ok, I love you!

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