Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Dear Mom,

It's Christmas time again. I can't believe it's here again, I love this time of year! I must say it's been a little hard this year, really missing pappy so much more this year for some reason, and having you be even a little more different than even last year. But you definitely have this childlike innocence and excitement. I decided to do what I did last year, by putting the old Christmas tree upstairs, while I kept our new one downstairs, since that's the one we put the presents under. So, right after Thanksgiving, I pretty much just dragged the old tree upstairs and put it in the living room. It is one of those pre-lit trees, so I just added a few ornaments to it. I hadn't even finished putting ornaments on it yet. But you have been raving about that tree! You sit in the living room and just praise me for doing such a great job on the tree. You ask me how I got all the lights put on it and I tell you they already came on the tree, which seems to impress you even more. You tell me you didn't know that, but of course you do since you were there when we chose it years ago. I almost think if you knew how you would call the local station to have them come over and check out our amazing tree. You keep talking about people coming over so they can see it. You even told your sister who is from Virginia,that she needs to come see the tree. That would be a long trip to see a pre-lit, slightly crooked, barely decorated tree, that has bare spots from where I haven't or haven't been able to fluff it back out so it looks full! But I'm very glad you like it so much. Sometimes you just sit in the living room to enjoy it. I did finally buy some different blinged-out ornaments to put on the tree. So, it's sort of getting there, but if you love it....well that's good enough for me. I decorated the tree downstairs a little more to my liking. Since it is another pre-lit tree, but this one with white lights, I can find neat colors to decorate with. A friend from church decorated her tree in purple this year, she recently became a Christian and wanted the tree to reflect royalty since she is a child of the King. I loved that idea, so was looking to do the same thing, but didn't find that nice dark purple color (our favorite color). But I did find a nice color and some pretty ornaments that I really like. So I sit downstairs and enjoy looking at that one.
Your other excitement has come from the packages that have been arriving at the house. I took advantage of some online sales over Thanksgiving weekend and on Cyber Monday. Two came a couple of days ago and you kept asking what was in them, but I told you they were for Christmas so I probably was not going to open them. Of course you asked about three more times after that. Then you said you were going to take your bath, but told me not to open them until you came back out. You mentioned that a couple of times as well. Yesterday another package came, and once again you wanted to know what was in it. I told you again I wasn't opening it yet. So, whenever you're not looking I hide the packages in the guest room. That works, because when you don't see them you forget about them. I haven't even looked at the packages, because some of them are for me, and even though I bought them and know what they are, waiting until Christmas to see them in person will be fun. That way we can both have something under the tree. Then of course I will have to make sure Bella has some things too. I haven't done a whole lot this year, but I did get both trees up. I have to admit I hadn't really been ready to decorate much, mostly because our temperatures have been so warm lately (50's and 60's). So, it's been hard to get into the spirit, plus it's different decorating by myself. I do hope to do a few more things, but we're getting there...getting ready. I would definitely like to be sure to get the nativity scene out. That's the joy of this time of year, remembering the birth of Christ. As we remember that special time, I hope to make some special memories with you during this Christmas time. I love you!


  1. Good morning Stacey,
    Both of your trees are beautiful!!! I think pre-lit trees are one of the nicest inventions.

    I'm so glad to hear that your mother is enjoying the tree and curious about the gifts. I know I don't need to tell you to enjoy every moment with your very special mother.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, they mean a lot to me.
    God is good...

  2. Hi Dolores, Thank you so much for your kind comments! I do love pre-lit trees, they are so much easier. Though I do wish it weren't so crooked, it drives me a little crazy, but if it works for mom, then I can handle it, lol. It has been kind of sweet to see her enjoying everything so much. Thank you for the reminder, I will really try to be sure to enjoy each moment with her. Thanks for being such a sweet encouragement to me! Yes! God is good!
    Hugs to you!!