Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Years and Counting...

Dear Mom,

3 years ago today I was a very excited girl! I had a surprise for you that you had no clue about...that at the time you would not have wanted to have a clue about. You would not have been very happy with me if you knew the surprise I had coming for us. I went to school for the half day before Christmas break. We were going to be having our Christmas Around the World party in our classroom and exchange gifts. I had another gift that I was waiting for and truly looking forward to...a gift that I had actually waited 20+ years for. At one point during the party I heard that my gift was going to be coming. One of the Sr. High girls told me she was coming in with it. I went to meet her in the hallway because I was so excited to see...not it, but her! Her name was Bella and she was the most precious, sweet, and adorable 4 year old Maltese ever. I started tearing up when I saw her. I couldn't believe I actually, FINALLY had a dog.
It wasn't just the fact that we now had a dog, but also the fact that we got her 11 months to the day after pappy had passed away. That was such a special, neat blessing. I finished up at school and went to Petco to get a few things...and if I am going to be kinda show her off. I have always wanted to do that. :) Then it was home to introduce her to you. I was quite nervous to bring her home, because you do not like animals at all and have always told me never to bring a dog into the house. You and pappy never allowed anything other than fish or newts, and then as I started teaching you didn't mind the gerbils I brought home. I guess as long as it was in a tank of some kind you were OK. Well, I brought her home and you looked at her and wondered whose dog she was. I told you she was ours, but you didn't really believe me, you thought I was joking and that I was just dog sitting for her like I have done for other dogs. I told you that someone wanted us to have her and she was ours and showed you all of her things that I had with me. You didn't seem too thrilled, but didn't say much else. I took her for a walk around the block and came back to show you the gifts that I had gotten from my kids at school that day. As I was showing you Bella wanted up on the bed. I put her up there. As you were looking at the gifts she was near you and next thing I knew your hands were gently petting her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! You who has always been so afraid of dogs and never wanted anything to do with were actually petting our sweet girl. It just reiterated the fact that she was supposed to be ours. She fit right in! Since then you have totally fallen in love with her. She has been a great companion for you. She's your bed mate every night and your companion during the day. She's also definitely my baby, and I get to share some pretty special times with her as well. She has been just right for us. So thankful for her, she's been so great for you. I knew after pappy died you would need a purpose again and she has been that! God truly blessed us with a bad, spoiled, crazy, fun, funny, playful, special, loud, naughty, beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl! My poor friend Sam, I was so excited to get a picture of Bella, I didn't
quite get all of her head, oops. :)

(I also just have to mention how ironic it is that Marley and Me is on tonight as I am writing this!) You watched some of it too, but now you're sleeping...with your sweet granddaughter by your side.

Sleep tight! Love you!


  1. Oh Stacey...your sweet post has me crying tears of joy. I love animals so much.
    I know they are A gift from God, they give so much joy and love!
    Bella is
    beautiful. I'm so glad that you and your mother have this sweet dog to share your life with.

  2. You are so sweet, Dolores! I am an animal lover too! I have always loved animals, just about anything. It's funny that even though both parents did not like animals, I was always petting the dogs or cats! Bella has truly brought so much joy, so much laughter, and so much fun to us. She keeps mom and I laughing so much! I do think it's amazing how God made such wonderful animals for us to enjoy! Thank you for your sweet comment and for reading! I have been thinking of you so much and praying for you! God bless you and your sweet family this Christmas! Hugs!