Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Appointment

Dear Mom,

I was home with you on Wednesday because I was going to be taking you to an appointment with one of your cancer doctors. I was so excited for the chance to sleep in a little. We had breakfast and I got ready. We left the house probably around quarter to eleven, so we would have plenty of time to get there. We got to the hospital at about 11:05 or a little after. I went to go into the parking area, but the gate was closed and it wouldn't open. So, I had to back up and go around to the front where I could let you off and find a place to park, or have the valet guys park the car. I definitely was not going to leave you, but I also did not have any change to pay the valet. I had to wait a while for one of them to come back so I could ask about the parking. One finally did come back and I asked about the gated parking place. I told him that this was where I had been told to park, instead of in the parking garage, because it was closer in that lot. I don't think he really understood everything I was asking or trying to say, but he told me to go ahead and he controlled the gate to go up when we got there. I got through, but the parking lot was so crowded. I had to be very careful and finally found a place near the end of the lot to park. By this time we were almost late, if not already late. I got to the desk and told them you had an appointment to see Dr. Davis. The lady at the desk then told me I was at the wrong place...ugh. I felt awful, you had walked all that way and now you were having to walk back again. I was also a bit stressed at this point because we were definitely late now. We got back in the car, carefully drove out of that lot and went down the street. At first I missed the right driveway, had to turn around and get back to the right one. There were no close places and we weren't in our car so I didn't have your handicapped tag. When we got in the office it was quite full, and there were no chairs together. One nice lady switched her seat so mom and I could sit together. The nice thing is they all know you there, so I just explained why we were late and they were very kind about it. You had to go get blood work done first, go sit back in the waiting room and wait for the doctor. I was able to have a nice talk with the doctor. He said things hadn't seemed to change much since the last appointment. He checked you and said things looked good. That was great to hear. He also said that you have been cancer free for 5 1/2 years and that your surgery was about 5 years ago. Since things looked good, he suggested that instead of coming to see him in 6 months we could just start coming once a year. That was so great to hear. Glad this appointment went well. Though I must admit I couldn't help thinking, I wonder what next year would bring as we tried to keep up with that appointment. I didn't dwell on the thought, just crossed my mind for a bit. Well, it's one day at a time, one step at a time, and this was a great step to know that you were doing well. Praising the Lord for that and for you! Love you!

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