Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Brand New Day

Dear Mom,

Here we are right now sitting downstairs on this New Years Eve watching Animal Planet's Too Cute! Puppies. Today was definitely different from yesterday. We got up and had breakfast. I went back to relax a little, then got up. I wanted to go to the grocery store to get some sparkling grape juice. We always celebrate with that. When I told you I was thinking of going out, you asked if you could come because you didn't want to just stay at home. Of course I was planning on you coming with me. Then I also prepared myself for the next of course asked if Bella could come. So we all got ready and got in the car. I went to get ice cream, which was buy one get one free. Then I ran into my friend Diane. We have known each other since I was in Elementary, you also know the family well, but when I mentioned to you that I saw her you didn't remember her. She was there shopping with her two gorgeous kids. We talked for a little bit, then her little 3 year old started getting a little restless, so we wished each other a Happy New Year and both went to finish our shopping. I found the sparkling grape juice and they were 2 for $6, so of course I HAD to get two! Then I just thought I would look at the cereal, I don't normally get it from the grocery store because it's too expensive. But they had my favorite, Special K with chocolate bits, for 2 for $5! Yay! Then I finally went to go check out. There were a lot of people in the store, but I went to self checkout and didn't have to wait long at all. When I got back to the car, I teased you that your people were in the store buying up the black eyed peas and collard greens. You just gave me a look, but I reminded you that when pappy was alive that was what you always did. We went one other place, then headed back home. I had cereal and you had your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You went to get your bath and get your pj's on, and I went to play with the Wii. You came down a little later to watch me. We had a few good laughs then. You kept saying that you were hungry, but I told you you could go get another pb&j sandwich, even though you already had one. It was only 4:30 and I wanted to wait until at least 5:30. So you went up to get your sandwich, which I found out later was ice cream, or maybe you had the sandwich and ice cream. Tsk tsk! Lol Well, I got dinner ready and we ate. You went from sitting in the living room to being in bed, then after getting some dessert coming down here as I stated earlier. I was getting my last calories of 2011 in, and I knew you would want some more dessert. So I told you it was out in the kitchen. You asked me which way to go, which I thought sounded quite funny the way you said it, so I pretended to "guide" you to the cookies and then the ice cream. We were both cracking up by that point, then you said you really had to use the bathroom now. That made us both laugh even more. I told you that you make me laugh, and you said again as you have so's good that we can laugh together. You're upstairs now, I'm going to take Bella out and head up with you to get ready to ring in the New Year. Glad we had a good day, glad for our laughter and enjoyment before we bring in the New Year. I want to treasure this because who knows what this year may bring. I'm going to try to keep a positive outlook, even though being a caregiver of a person with Alzheimer's is hard to keep that positive because I know things could get worse this year. BUT...that is not going to be my focus. My focus is going to be on enjoying each moment with you! So thankful for another year together and pray for many more. Hey maybe this will be the year for a cure for this awful disease...who knows, I'll just keep praying. Well, Happy New Year!! I love you!!

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