Saturday, December 10, 2011

Family Time

Dear Mom,

This past Saturday we went to Hometown Buffet for breakfast with the family. We do that sometimes, but I wasn't quite sure what the occasion was this time. We got there and got in the long line with Uncle Cephus and Auntie Ann. I was worried about you standing in that line for a while and kept checking to see if you wanted to go sit down. Some of the family had already gotten there and had saved some tables. Of course you said you were fine and did not want to go sit down. So, I just kept a close eye on you to make sure you would be fine. Not long after standing there I heard someone calling to Uncle Cephus from behind us in line. I turned around to see my cousin Lou standing there, I was so surprised!! It didn't really faze you at all, but she is from Georgia, and we had no idea she was here. So were Auntie Alberta and Uncle George, your brother and sister-in-law, and a couple of other cousins. As I turned around to see them all, it brought tears to my eyes! Dad's brother is 88 and his sister is 87, the last time we saw them was at the family reunion a couple of years ago in Georgia. So much has changed since then. I think you did sort of recognize them, but not enough to be as excited and shocked as I was. I was just so glad to see them. I made sure to get some pictures, because who knows what will change before the next time we see them. A little later some of Auntie Alberta's grandchildren and great grandchildren also came in. We took up about 8 or 9 tables with the family and that wasn't even close to being all of them. It was great to see all of pappy's siblings that are still alive together again. It was so special. You ate very well and did seem to enjoy yourself. And of course, after you were done with your breakfast, you were ready to have your ice cream. So....I made sure to get you some. So you were set. What a great time!

Auntie Alberta with her sister-in-law Doris, and brother-in-law and sister Cephus and Ann


Cousin Debbie with her great niece

Cousin Lou with her granddaughter


You with Auntie Ann

Cousins Corey and Derek at our table

All of our tables

Pappy's brothers, Uncle George and Uncle John

Pappy's other brother, Uncle Henry with Uncle George

What a great family time and a special surprise...for me anyway. Glad you got to see them as well and make memories. Love you!

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