Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Mom

Dear Mom,

You gave me a bit of a rough time tonight. I know I shouldn't take it the wrong way, but I wasn't very happy with you. We had a great day, enjoying some time at the mall. I knew you would like to get out and you could sit and watch people while I did a little shopping. I found a place near the little train that kids can ride and across the way from Santa. I figured you would enjoy sitting and watching those things. I got a couple of things for you, then came back to get you. We went across the way to look at the new cupcake bakery. I had to get some for us! You wanted the princess one with pink frosting. We walked a little more, then I let you sit again, as I checked out another place. We finally got ready to go, I asked you if you wanted to eat out or get something and bring it home. You said you just wanted to bring something home. It was after 3 at that time, so that was fine. I figured we could go to Sonics. I had some coupons, but when I got in the car and looked for them, I realized I had taken them out because Uncle Cephus was working on the car. So I had taken some things out of it. I was disappointed, but still just decided to just go there. Foolishly when I got there I not only got our meals, but for some odd reason also decided to get ice cream sundaes for us. We already had the cupcakes and didn't need the ice cream, but I ordered it. We got home and ate. We had our ice cream sundaes right after so they wouldn't melt or get too hard in the freezer. We enjoyed it. But it was only a bit after 4 when we ate, so I knew you would end up wanting something else later. You have been eating a lot lately. At about 7:30 when I was in the living room trying to get a little nap in, you were in there too, but you woke me up by saying you were going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I should have just let you do that, but I wanted you to have something healthier. I told you you could/should have the rest of the roasted veggies I had made the other day. You really liked them! I put them in the oven for you, but of course you didn't want them. I had gone back into the living room to relax when I heard you rummaging. When I asked you what you were doing you said you were just getting one of those things. I jumped up and went into the kitchen to see you chomping on a cupcake, and not even the one that you wanted. You were eating the eggnog cupcake that I only bought one of because I didn't know if I would like it, but wanted to try it. I tried to tell you to put it back and to eat something better first. You just kept pushing me away and putting into your mouth faster and said you were already eating it and it was too late. That really got to me, I ended up taking the rest of the cupcakes and even the ice cream and brought them downstairs, that way you couldn't try to sneak something else later. You were in the kitchen about 9:30, but I didn't even worry since I had brought everything downstairs, I didn't need to worry about you having more sugar. A little while ago, I got you to bed, and of course you have forgotten all about it. I am working on doing that too. It's really not that bad, I guess, but it just really got to me tonight. I still love you, but I don't want you to end up sick from eating too many sweets. Of course if I didn't buy them then you wouldn't. As I said before, I'm still learning! Lots to learn! Well, I love you! Sleep well!


  1. Stacey....I've gotten to the point that I give David whatever he wants to eat. Whatever makes him happy is what he gets.

    I was always the eat healthy type of person, but Alzheimer's has changed my way of thinking....think happy.

    You and your mother are blessed with your loving relationship!
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend!

  2. Dolores, Thank you so much for this comment!! You don't know how much it means to me. I have had other people try to tell me that same thing...let her eat what she wants. But I just kept thinking, they don't have to take care of her, so they don't understand. I guess it's just different coming from someone who understands and knows. So you are helping me to think differently. Please pray for me because that is hard sometimes. I have never been the healthy one, but it seems that mom is like I was when I was growing up...loving the sweets. Thanks for the advice! May you have a Merry Christmas too, my dear friend! Thanks again! Hugs!