Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Dear Mom,

Happy 4th of July!! All day long you have been surprised to hear that today is the 4th of July. Woke up this morning, took Bella out, and come back inside to find you searching in the linen closet. I ask you what you need and you said the bed was wet. I got the sheet out and went into your room. The bed was soaked, it usually isn't that wet. I realized later that you weren't wearing what you normally do and are supposed to wear so that won't happen. We were putting the sheets on and you moved a pillow with your TV remote, and it falls behind the bed. I killed my arm trying to get it for you, was feeling a little bit crazy at that point. You said again what you have said a few times before, "Well, it's time for you to put me in a nursing home." By that time I was so discouraged to hear you say it again, I said, "Ok, I'll look into that tomorrow." You didn't say anything after that and we just relaxed in bed again. We got up a little later to have breakfast, and the homemaker and companion came about that time. After breakfast, and after the homemaker/companion left I went downstairs as has been the case lately. It's just a place to get away a little bit. I exercise, and relax on the computer. Lately you have been coming down to join Bella and I. After a while you are ready to go back upstairs and watch your shows in bed. You made yourself peanut butter and jelly as you normally do for lunch. A few hours later I told you that I thought we would maybe go out to eat for dinner. You were very excited about that idea. You got your sneakers and were ready to go not too much later. We went to Red Robin, I figured the 4th is about burgers, so what better place to go and get some gourmet burgers. It took you about three tries to figure out what you wanted. At first it was a chicken sandwich, then a certain burger, then finally the Red Robin gourmet cheeseburger. I got a BBQ burger. We enjoyed our meal, but we definitely had to take some home because it was too much. You got around pretty well today, too. After a little bit of a crazy morning, the day ended up going well. I want to be sure to remember each of these moments because things change so quickly and I want to take every opportunity to keep these memories close to my heart. So thankful for another 4th of July with you and being able to enjoy it, even when you don't remember what day it is. I took out the dessert a little while ago and you didn't remember where we got it from. After I told you, then you said you remembered going to the restaurant. That was good! You may not remember, but I will keep these memories for you. This is one of the reasons why I write these letters to you. You are already in bed because you said about a half hour ago you were ready to head to bed. So, goodnight, love you, and again....Happy 4th of July!

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