Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another one of those days...

Dear Mom,

Yesterday was interesting, too. Bella wanted to come to my room at about 3:30 this time. It still made me a little crazy, but we did sleep in longer than the day before thankfully. I think we got up close to 7. You were still off, you kept putting on your nice turtle neck and skirt thinking you were going to church....which Wednesday is church, but not until the evening. You were ready to go then. And once you get something in your mind now, there is no turning back. I told you that you weren't going in the morning, but at night. So you changed into your pants and active wear jacket that you always wear...always. When I was getting breakfast ready, you came in with the turtleneck and skirt back on. I once again told you there was no church that morning, so before you ate breakfast you went back and changed into your casual outfit. After breakfast I was washing the dishes and you came out with your "church" outfit and your purse this time. Aaahhhh!!! You were killing me. You looked out the living room window and told me the neighbor wasn't home. You were nervous because she is the one who picks you up for church. Once again I told you that church wasn't until that night, and I counted down the hours for you, you had 8 hours before you needed to worry about getting ready for church. So you went back to your room to change. I took Bella out to go potty and then was getting ready to head over to the school to help out again and your "church" outfit either never got taken off that time or you put it on again. You asked if that was OK to wear. I couldn't answer you at that point, so I just said a quick sure. Then I kissed you goodbye. You asked where I was going and I told you to help at school. You asked if the neighbor was going to come pick you up and I just said a quick yes before I left the house. Man, was that an off morning for you! I just left hoping that you would eventually realize what I had been saying. I was so busy at school that I hadn't checked on you all day. So, on my way home I decided to finally call...not good, there was no answer. All my worst fears flooded my head. You decided to go to church on your own and got lost or got hurt. Even though I know you can barely even come into the kitchen without needing to rest because you have been hurting so badly. Why do I let my mind do that to me? I must have called 5 0r 6 times, and no answer. I started to freak. Then I called one more time and you finally answered...phew. You had just been outside with Bella, and you were fine! Thankfully! I talked to you and told you I was coming home. I got home, we had dinner, then both went off to church. On my way home there was some lightning! Well, you know me, though, right now I'm not sure if you'll remember this about me, but I hate lightning. I got home after you did, I sat in the car for just a few seconds to wait for the lightning to come again, so I could run out of the car in the in-between time. I ran into the house and you and Bella were at the door. You were holding Bella's leash so I could take her out as I normally do when I get home. When I got to the door, I saw a quick glimpse of lightning behind me, I jumped in the door so fast! I asked if she had already taken Bella out, she said she had and I said good, put that leash away, cuz I'm definitely not taking her out right now. Mom got a good laugh out of that one. We both had to chuckle. Because of the thunder and lightning you came downstairs with me. We watched America's Got Talent and got a kick out of the performances. It was a nice night together. So, the weird, annoying morning ended much better that night. It's nice to have those moments, especially after some of the crazy ones. Glad for these good memories! Love you!

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