Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Day!

Dear Mom,

This was a good day for you....physically anyway. Actually since we went to the doctor and got some new medication, this has been a pretty good week for you! You seem to be getting around better! You still ask me about 15 times what the day is, but I have gotten used to that now.....well, as used to it as a person can get. I still have those "MA!" moments. Those moments where I try to make you exercise your brain to figure things out, even though I somehow know it's to no avail. This morning at breakfast a "walk for alzheimers" commercial came on. It was interesting, I was trying to listen to see where I needed to go to be a part of that. You were interested too, and said, "Yea, that's important, because those people need friends." I had to ask you to repeat what you said, because it shocked me a little to hear you say that. I didn't have the heart to say that was what you have. I kinda wanted to, so I could tell you that you need a friend, a real person to talk to, not just Bella. Even if I did mention it you would have said, "Stacey, stop telling that story!" Then, "That's the first I've ever heard of that." That has become your favorite line lately. You washed the dishes after breakfast, then got back on your bed while you waited for me to get ready to go. You had your short sleeves on, which was a miracle, but it was hot, you even said so. You even remembered to bring your jacket with you for the mall, because you are usually cold in there. We got to the mall and got our nails done. Tony, the guy in charge of the nail place, even said you looked good. He said last time you were there you didn't look like you were feeling that well, but this time you looked much better. So, see, I'm not even the only one who noticed. :) Your nails came out nice, and you liked them! Then I wanted to go to one more store to look around and you did very well, you stayed with me the whole time. You didn't have to go to the chair to sit right away. It was almost like old times. When we left the other store, you said you were hungry, and right next door was Wetzel's Pretzels. I asked if you wanted that and you did, so we got some pretzels and drinks. I had to go to Target quickly to pick up some groceries (because they now have produce at Target, LOVE THAT!!). You stayed in the car that time, but you had your pretzel and drink, of course along with air condition, to keep you going until I got back. You were good, just a bit messy from the crumbs, hee hee. Now it's a bit later from when I started this post, and that "better" thing that I was talking about, well, now I have to wonder a little...but to be fair, I did say that the "better" was the physical, not necessarily the mental. :) I took out the leftover pizza for dinner, and went out to water the plants, but then got the notion to powerwash the house, too. So, I was gone a little longer than I originally planned, when I got back inside you had already put the pizza in the oven, and left it a little too long. It was ok, just a little burnt, but here's the got some punch to drink, then I told you to remember that you still had some Root Beer in the fridge, you definitely wanted that. So, I convinced you to put the juice in the fridge and get another cup for your Root Beer. You did, got your plate with the pizza and went back to your room. You said something like, "Oh boy!" That made me nervous, because I didn't know if you dropped something or spilled something, or what. When I came to see what the problem was, you show me a cup of juice that was on your table already, while you had the cup of Root Beer in your hand, wow!! I just took that cup and added it to the other cup of juice already in the fridge. Oh well, that's you npw, but it's ok. This was a good day for you and I feel encouraged by this! Glad this was a good day for us! Hope we'll have many more of these good days!! Love you so much!


  1. Glad it was a good day. Thanks for visiting my blog. I miss going to the mall with mom. We used to do that a lot. Brought back good memories. Mom started sitting at the food court or on a bench or in the car while I ran errands too. But than she began to wondering around. Hopefully you have a long time till your mom begins to wonder off. We found mom everytime. But than a time comes when you have to stop leaveing her alone at all. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks, Karen! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, it means alot!! Yes, I'm so thankful we can still do little things like that. Yes, I pray that mom will keep doing ok and won't wander. I do think about that sometimes when i'm gone. Thankfully she is ok for right now anyway. It seems that things change quickly. Still trying to get a handle on it all. Thanks for your comment and you and your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers too.