Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping busy

Dear Mom,

I haven't posted in a while. We have been busy, but I have also been doing some other things and posting on my other blog. I think I will probably have to write a couple posts for you since it has been a while. You have been going back and forth lately doing ok, and not feeling well. Last Thursday we were able to go to see a taping of Better Connecticut. We went and you were glad. We had to fill out some paperwork, it was hard for you to do that. You didn't quite remember how to spell your name at first. Then you struggled knowing which was print and which was signature (cursive). You did fill it out though. We went in and got a couple of seats in the back. There were some friends in the front row. We sat and watched for a while. You of course were cold, so I had a jacket for you, a thin scarf, and some gloves. The gloves didn't match so you took them off, then you just let the scarf hang. You already had a turtleneck dickie on and an active wear jacket. We were disappointed because Scot wasn't going to be there that day. We did get to see Kara, and then Damon Scott was there to fill in for Scot. We enjoyed our time, but you kept saying you wished Scot would have been there. We got to see knotables necklaces, which were cool. We saw some awesome meat being cooked, it smelled delicious, but we didn't get any, sadly, haha. We got to see Kara interview Chris Knopf (?) an actor that I don't really know. They were talking about diabetes and eating healthier. We couldn't hear the interview, because of the satellite feed, but we could see him. It was fun! Then we had to wait for a few minutes after the taping was over so they could tape the teasers for the show. While they were doing those, I felt you lean hard on me, kind of jerking a little bit. I realized sadly that you were passing out. You scared me half to death. After a few seconds you came to. I fanned you because I figured you must have gotten really hot. I didn't want to say anything because they were doing the taping. So I just quietly fanned you and prayed that the Lord would help you. A little after you passed out again. I just kept fanning you and taking some of the things off of you so you wouldn't be so hot. You came to again and were ok. I never said anything to anyone, but thankfully you ended up being ok. I got you to the car ok, and cranked the air. For once you didn't complain. You must have really been hot. I'm glad you are ok, but I really hope and pray that you will continue to be ok. We kept busy over the weekend, but I think I will put that in another post. I love you so much and keep hoping and praying you will be healthy and well. Love you!

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