Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Your Birthday

Dear Mom,

It's been a crazy couple of weeks!  Last week I got to be with you three days in a row because of my bad back.  Then Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, so I had that off to be with you.  Then one day this past week, I had a 90 min. delay from school because of snow.  Then Thursday was the 4th anniversary of pappy's death.  You didn't remember and I didn't want to upset you by bringing it up, so I remembered it the best way I know how...blogging about it.  I blogged about it on one of my other blogs, which really helped!  I know you miss him even more than I do, you have been thinking of him so much lately.  I have been too, because he was the most important man in my life.  So, today I really wanted to enjoy the day with you.  I thought of maybe taking you out, I definitely had already planned massages for us for the afternoon.  Well, the Lord had a little different plan for us.  I am getting to enjoy the whole day with you, but unable to go anywhere because it snowed today.  So, sadly I cancelled our massages.  I love snow and am so glad it did.  I just don't like driving in it, so I didn't to chance driving in it or trying to take you out in it.  So we stayed home and enjoyed a nice quiet day, except for all of the phone calls you kept getting. :)  And each time you got a phone call wishing you Happy Birthday, you were always surprised that it was your birthday and told the person on the phone you didn't even realize it was your birthday.  Thankfully I had already gotten our dinner from Chili's yesterday, so we could have the leftovers today, even though you ate most of my sandwich before I knew you were.  And we did keep up the tradition we have been doing for a few years now, I got an ice cream cake for you! :)  We both just got to enjoy that as we watched Betty White's 90th birthday celebration.  I walked to your room singing Happy Birthday with the cake in my hand, and you broke down a little and told me how much you loved me!  Well, I love you and am so thankful for another birthday celebration with you!  Happy 73rd Birthday, Mom!


  1. Sorry I'm late posting.... I'm behind on most everything this month.
    A belated happy birthday to your sweet mom..... ice cream cake sounds so good!

  2. No, Dolores, you are just fine!! So sweet of you to stop by to wish my mom a happy birthday!! You are quite a busy woman as of late, so just the thought of you stopping by and leaving a sweet comment means so much! More than you know! And yes! Love ice cream cake! We started doing that a few years ago and it's great because dad's birthday is in december, mom's in january and mine in february, lol. Thanks again! Hugs to you!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your Mom. Those birthdays are hard when they don't rememeber. But, we remember and we love them and that makes all right with the world. Hugs, Latane

  4. Thanks so much, Latane!! You are so right! It was a special memory for me! Hugs to you!