Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little House of.....hilarity

Dear Mom,

What a day!  We finally got some snow around here, so we had a 90 min. delay.  We only got a couple of inches and it's already mostly gone because of the mild temperatures in the mid 40's.  I got to school and after giving my lesson plans to the 4th grade teacher so she would know what to do with my kids, I went right down to the K4 -K5 room.  I was nervous about having to teach kindergarten, I wanted to make sure I knew what was supposed to be going on.  I am not at all used to their schedule.  I figured out most of what I needed to do. I was in the office for a bit, when one of the kindergarten moms came by with her daughter.  I went out and went down to the classroom to see if any of the other students were there, but no other students were there.  I was surprised.  And no one showed up later either, so it was just the two of us.  It was pretty crazy, but we did a few things.  It was a little hard to keep her with me since it was just her.  So, it was quite an interesting day.
But...when I came home that's when the craziness started.  I had my cereal, washed my dishes, and even washed the pot I was going to use for dinner tonight and left it in the drying rack for later.   You had gone to get your bath, you called me to come in the bathroom, I rushed in to see what you needed.  All you asked was for me to fix your hair...really??  LOL So I did and then I went in to the living room to take a nap.  When you came out, you came into the living room and started talking to me and asking me questions about school, I thought I was answering you, but I was asleep.  You said my name loudly to get my attention and woke me up.  I think I answered you finally , but told you I was asleep.  You said, "Oh, ok, I won't wake you."  LOL  Too late!  Not long after that my phone alarm went off for me to go make dinner.  I was following a recipe from my new favorite website Pinterest.  I went back into the kitchen and felt like a fool as I was looking for the pot that I had just left out to use, but couldn't find it.  I finally realized you must have put it away.  I felt like this was an Abbott and Costello, or Laurel and Hardy skit.  I found the pot and got ready to use it for the pasta.  As I was waiting for the pasta to boil, I chopped some tomatoes and onions.  I had my phone on top of a peanut butter container and it fell in my tomatoes.  Then I was draining the pasta, and didn't see the potholder sitting in the sink, so it got soaked in the water.  I also was getting some spices out of the cabinet and some other spices fell out and landed in the empty open pasta box.  Then you were sitting in the kitchen waiting for dinner and your cane fell on the floor...twice.  Then as I was finishing dinner,  the weirdest sound came out of you that scared me to death.  I thought you were choking on something.  You started cracking up because of how I jumped and turned to you, you said you were just sneezing, but were trying to keep it from coming out.  Well, some good that did, hee hee.  Then later the pasta box fell on the floor and the other pot holder fell in water and got a little wet, too.  We need to watch some funny video shows to be sure we weren't secretly being taped, hee hee.  Pretty crazy night, but we had some good laughs!  I love you!


  1. You all had a Laurel and Hardy night for sure. Laughter is so good for the soul....I'm so happy to hear you could laugh even with the frustration.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.
    hugs and prayers,

  2. It definitely was, Dolores!! Yes, it helps so much to be able to laugh!

    You are so welcome for the comments, I did love your pictures, they were so sweet! Your in my thoughts and prayers often!