Friday, January 6, 2012

...Now Where is the.....?

Dear Mom,

You are probably thinking the title of this post is just for you.  Well, not's something I have been saying quite a bit lately.  It seems to happen especially in the kitchen.  I wash the dishes and you want to help out, so afterward you help dry them and put them away.  I don't want to take that from you, because I know you are just trying to help, but it definitely does take a little more patience as I try to cook or get things ready because things aren't where they used to be.  Cups, bowls, cutting boards, ice cream scoop, spatula, muffin tins....they have been finding new homes.  I go to the normal "designated spot ", but the item is no longer hanging out there.  I search for a bit and finally come across what I am looking for (most of the time), but only after mumbling that little phrase..."Now where is the...?"  I guess you just like to keep me on my toes, it's probably good for me...the one who doesn't do well with change...  The Lord is probably using you to help me, because He knows I need it!  Well, I'll just keep looking...and searching...and eventually finding, because it usually is found...eventually! :)  I love you!


  1. Whooo, do I remember those days of hunting for things not put in it's normal place! One of my 'problems' was my husband would pick up dirty dishes off the counter or in the sink and put them in the cabinets. Sure made me keep things washed up in a hurry.

    I think of you and hope that your days are as peaceful as they can be and that you find strength in the caregiving. Hugs.

  2. Oh wow, that would be tough if they were still dirty. My thing is that sometimes mom helps "wash" the dishes, but more or less rinses them off, dries them and puts them in the cabinets with some particles still on them. I've had to breathe, and then just take them out and wash them again. But yes, I have thought the same thing. I need to do these dishes now. :) Sometimes I am tempted to leave them for later, but then think better of it. I think of you often too, and hope that you are doing well! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Hugs to you!