Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Fun Day!

Dear Mom,

The power outage from Storm Alfred lasted longer than we could have ever imagined! Yet, you wanted to stay home and not go anywhere else. Your sister and brother were concerned that it was too cold for you to stay home. But we enjoyed more days like Monday. Almost every day that week we went to Evergreen Walk to get warm and walk around. It was so great to see you get out and walk, to see you getting some sun, to see you engaging with people! The only days we didn't go to Evergreen Walk were Wednesday and Friday. On those days we went to my friend Sharan's house. She invited us over to be able to take showers. Wednesday they weren't home and just let us have the house to shower. Even though they weren't home, they have a new kitty Chloe who was. We brought Bella with us and when she saw Chloe, she just wanted to get at her. It was pretty funny! I'm sure we looked a sight as we went into their house. I had Bella on the leash, a bag with our bath things in it, a lawn chair, and then I was helping you with your cane try to get up the stairs to this house. I brought the lawn chair because at home you have a bath chair. You don't stand for long and you can't get all the way down in the tub, so....lawn chair. So thankful the Lord helped me think of that! We got wonderful hot showers, then were getting dressed to be ready to go. The bathroom was getting too hot and crowded for me. So, I took Bella out to sit in the hallway while you finished getting ready. Well, Chloe had come to check on us and see what we were doing. She was in a clothes basket, and when she saw Bella straining to get near her, she jumped up and tried to take a swipe at her. I had to laugh, she was letting Bella know she wasn't going to be intimidated by her. I opened the door so you could watch them too. We got some good laughs and entertainment watching them. You went to sit out in the hall to wait for me as I cleaned the bathroom. When I looked back out in the hallway at you, you somehow ended up with both Bella and Chloe on your lap, it was such a funny sight I had to take a video.
So here we were still having some fun memories at my friend's house. Another great day...another quiet, cold, but in an odd way, cozy seeming night, with the candlelight all around.
But again, you really wanted to stay home, so if you were good, I was glad to be able to be home, too. Such precious times that I will always remember. And yet, there were still more days to go. More to tell next time. Love you!

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