Monday, November 21, 2011

After the Storm

Dear Mom,

I know I already talked about this a little, but there were so many other neat memories I wanted to share. The craziness that started October 29 lasted for a much longer time than we could have ever expected. It was a crazy snow storm that came, with lots of wet, heavy snow, and wind, which brought down many branches, but many trees as well. We didn't realize that until we started driving around more that week. As I said, Sunday, I had to go get gas for the car so I could keep my cellphone charged, since that was our only source of communication. I didn't even consider what a big deal that was to get gas, until I got into the line. There were only about two cars in front of me, but one of the cars had about 5 gas containers that they also needed to fill. Thankfully there were people with this lady to help her fill the containers at another pump. As I was waiting, one of the gas attendants told another one to wave people on because there was no more gas. That worried me a little, but when I got up there I was able to fill my tank. That was truly the Lord. The next order of business was to find something for us to eat. Since there were so many cars in the area, I knew that most places such as McDonald's or Panera or even Bertucci's for that matter, would have long lines. So the Lord brought to mind Whole Foods grocery store that was right across the street. I went to their hot bar and got two take-out containers for us, as well as some Gelato, got right into a checkout line, and was soon headed back home. Monday came and I thought we needed to get out of the cold house. We took Bella and headed back to the town where I got the gas just the day before. Boy were we surprised to see so much traffic! We could barely get down that street. People going by on the opposite side were slowing down to warn that there was no gas at any of the three gas stations. I couldn't believe it! I finally went down a side street and headed back in the direction of our town. I knew there was no place to go in our town because our town had no power at all. I thought of going to Evergreen Walk in another town to see if there was any power there. I thought it would be great for us. We could walk around and get warm and Bella could walk around with us. There were also plenty of benches so if you got tired of walking you could sit and rest. We went into a couple of shops with Bella and got so many compliments on her. I know you were a proud grandma! When you got tired you sat, and Bella and I would walk some more. After a bit we would leave and get something to eat before we went back home. Sometimes I would go back out and find something for dinner. We would make sure to be home before it got dark. As we drove around that day, we saw so many trees down, across roads, sticking out into the road, we were driving under and over so many wires, it was pretty scary. So I definitely didn't want to be driving at night where I wouldn't be able to see well with all of that going on. We would really bundle up at night. I made sure you had two pairs of pj's on, plus your heavy robe, sometimes your coat, and your gloves, and a nice big fluffy, warm blanket. We would sit in the living room with candles lit, listening to talk radio and laughing with one another. Even though it was cold enough to see our breath inside the house, you still wanted to have your ice cream every night. You didn't even really complain much about the cold, as long as you had your ice cream or some other treats I bought for us, you were fine. We would head to bed early. I would always make sure you and Bella were quite cozy in bed. I put the sheet over you, along with the comforter, and that big, fluffy, warm blanket, and your robe and sometimes another sheet. Once we were in bed we didn't even realize anything was really different, except for the fact that things were a little darker than normal. The cold mornings reminded us, well, at least reminded me of the power being out. You kept trying to turn the TV on first thing, and were shocked when it wouldn't come home. Then I would remind you the power was out, and you were shocked by that and would ask why. Then I would remind you of the storm, and you were shocked that there was a storm. We had some pretty interesting mornings and more interesting days, which I will write more about later. I really want to remember these special memories, so I will continue to share. Even though it was a difficult week, it was special to be able to spend it with you! Love you!

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