Friday, November 11, 2011

Ice Cream and Sun Chips...

Dear Mom,

I just had to write this quick note to you. I have some other things to share, but I will get back to those things another time. Yesterday and today I was able to be home with you and Bella. I was pretty much just hoping to get some rest those two days. But yesterday you wanted to go somewhere to get something to eat. We did that so much last week (which is one of the "other things" that I need to share). I didn't want to spend a lot, but I also didn't want to just get fast food. I needed to go to a store in Newington, so I decided to go to Joey Garlic's to get a pizza. That way, we would have enough food for dinner last night and lunch and dinner for today. I also got some fried dough for us. We both love that! You got so used to having Bella go with us everywhere last week, so you expected her to go yesterday. It was pretty much a pain for me, but you were satisfied. Thankfully we did get to enjoy the pizza for our meals yesterday and today. We enjoyed the fried dough last night. Today, I knew we couldn't really go anywhere because the homemaker/companion from Keep Me Home was supposed to be coming around 10 in the morning. I was hoping to get to the mall to get our nails done, but that didn't happen. The lady never came, so I figured she wasn't going to be coming, but around 1 she did show up. I was looking forward to meeting her because I asked for her to come. She came a couple of weeks ago to fill in for the other lady, and when I got home it was the first time I heard you speak positively about having a companion come. You seemed to like her, and you said she came into the room to spend time sitting with you and Bella. That was such a relief for me to hear, it made me so happy. I finally got to meet Roberta and she was great with you and Bella, and was very personable. I liked her too! She did a great job cleaning, then went into the room to spend a little time with you. The company said that she has other clients, so she may not be able to be the new one to come over often. But they said they would try to schedule her with you when they could. That made me happy. So, as I said, we never went anywhere after that. We relaxed here at home. We had our pizza for dinner, you took your bath, I gave Bella a bath, and a little after 8 you asked me if you could have some ice cream. You have gotten into the habit of asking my permission for things like that lately. I told you ice cream was fine. As you got it you happened to see the Sun Chips bag on the counter. You saw that there were only a few left. I thought you just put them in a smaller bag, but later when I went into your room to help pull down your shade I noticed that you had actually put them on top of your ice cream! Really?? You didn't see anything weird about it and you ate it all... OK, well, as long as it tasted good to you! Oh, what interesting fun! I love you!

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