Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Dear Mom,

The morning did bring mostly sunshine with a few clouds, and while that's all well and good, that's not why I gave the reason for the post title.  It was still a little warm for my liking.  Yes, that was the title of one of the songs the Music Therapist sang to you this weekend, but again that's not why I gave the post this title.  Though both of those could be very good reasons. But....the reason I have is so much better than those, just you wait and see!
First of all, it was such a blessing to see you this morning, awake and with the slight little smile you give me in the morning.  I love waking up to that!  But while I was in your room talking to you, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and noticed my hair was a bit crazy looking.  I mentioned it to you.  I said, "Wow, my hair is a mess, you didn't tell me I was looking so awful."  Then you said the sweetest words, you said, "You look beautiful!"  That warmed my heart so much!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much!!  I told you, you were beautiful, too, but you just looked at me and said, "Yea, right."  And I told you that you are my beautiful mama!!  I told you I loved you and you whispered it back to me.  THAT is why it was a beautiful morning!!  You still haven't eaten much today.  I gave you your medicine, but you just kept holding it in your mouth, and eventually it started to dribble out.  I swabbed out your mouth after a while, your tongue looked white and I wanted to make sure that wasn't causing you problems.  You seemed a little better after I swabbed your mouth.  Later the aide came, and the past few days it has been a different aide.  I really like her.  She is so gentle with you.  She talks with you, and encourages you, and sings to you.  I love it!  Today when she walked in to say hello to you, she just started saying how good God is, all the time.  She talked about being encouraged in the Lord and how He wouldn't give us more than we could handle.  She said a few other things.  I was in the kitchen, but could hear a few things she said.  It blessed my heart!  She got you to have a few sips of your smoothie.  I have a wonderful blog friend who suggested putting ice cream, peanut butter, and ensure into your smoothie.  That's what her husband gets, and he loves it.  I think it will be thicker and easier to swallow, I'm hoping so!  I also have been blessed because I put one of the pictures of you, Bella, and me on Facebook, and I have gotten several, and I mean several, messages from friends, relatives, and other loved ones that have said they are and will be praying for you!  So thankful for that!!  Your sister also got here safely this afternoon.  She got to say hello to you for a bit , then the aide was finishing up.  Afterward you were sleeping.  She's sitting in your room with you now, while you sleep.  She said she's catching up on her Waltons, since that is pretty much the only channel you like to keep on.  So, not much has changed, you're still not eating or drinking, but you totally blessed me with your sweet words this morning, another special treasure!  I love you, my sweet, beautiful mother!!  You are loved!  So many people praying for you, saying kind words about you!  I realize how special you are to people!!  You're so special to me......and I love you!!


  1. Praise God, what a wonderful blessing for you......
    You and your mother are beautiful.......Bella too!

  2. Thank you, Dolores!!! You are too sweet!! It definitely takes one to know one! :) You are beautiful, too! Hugs to you!