Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Attempt

Dear Mom,

I've written you a few times over the past few months, but never quite finished my posts.  Not sure why either.  I have been missing you so much lately.  I want to come home from my crazy school days and tell you all about them, but I can't and I miss that so much!  I want to share with you things that have been going on.  I have wished I could get your advice about things.  I have wished you could pray with me about struggles.  I have wanted to laugh with you, cry with you, hang out with you, and now, I am so wishing I could go to all the fairs with you!!  I just miss you!  I have been going a little crazy because I am teaching two classes this year, third and fourth grade.  I have never done that before, and it's pretty interesting.  I am a little worried that I might not do so well.  I don't want to fail these kids or their parents, but this is so different from what I'm used to, especially the past couple of years.  Plus, I have some pretty interesting characters that I have wanted to tell you about.  I know you would get a kick out of hearing my stories!  I miss sharing them with you!  Then, another wonderful person from my church/school joined you and Pappy on Saturday night.  It was unexpected, another heart attack, and he was only 56 years old.  He was a big part of our school as well, as he coached girl's basketball for years!  He was a quiet, but loving, kind, wonderful man.  I hurt for his wife, they have been together for years.  My heart breaks for his newly wed son and daughter who I think just had her second child.  The slide show pictures of him with his grandkids was so precious!  The most recent fond memory that I have of him is from last year.  One of the highschool classes was selling Little Caesar's pizza kits, I usually try to get at least one or two every year.  Last year, I couldn't afford to get any at all, which made me sad, but that was life.  So, I just tried not to think about it.  Then one of the highschool girls asked me if I wanted a kit, she said someone bought one from her, but didn't want it, so she thought of me.  That was so sweet and special.  But when I was telling that neat story to my friend Angie (who is the one who joined you and Pappy last March), she got a little mischievous look on her face.  She said, "Well, I guess you're getting two kits then."  She said Mr. Marshall bought two from her son Zack to help him out, but he really only wanted one, and he told Angie to give the other one to someone else.  She asked, "What about Stacey?"  And she said he said yes, that would be a great person to give one to.  Definitely give it to her!  That is how kind and generous and big-hearted both of these people are!  I will miss them so much, too.  I guess that's just it, I'm missing some wonderful, special people in my life.  I'm trying not to let it get me down or discouraged, but as the saying goes, "Heaven is looking sweeter all the time!"  I can't wait to see you again!  I miss you tons, and I love you bunches!!


  1. Stacy--I lost my mom to Alzheimer's in February. I feel a lot of the same emotions as you have expressed here. I want you know that it has meant a lot to me to read your blog--I hope you don't mind. How lucky we are to have such wonderful moms, and to know that they are always with us. I miss my mom, too, but am comforted that she is with her parents and that we will one day be reunited. She has been made whole again with the Lord. Thank you for allowing me to share your story. With love, Jill Miller

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you right now, Stacy.