Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slight Changes

Dear Mom,

Spring break had some good moments and some not so great ones.  A couple of days in a row at the beginning of the week after you ate breakfast...and then again after you ate dinner, you would start to feel sick.  I don't know if you were eating too much, or too fast, but you would start to act like you were going to throw up.  It made me nervous each time, it was so strange!  You may have done it before, but definitely not as much as you had lately.  You also choked a few times when you were drinking.  You just kept coughing, then you would put your head in your hands as if you were totally wiped out.  Some of your meds had also run out.  So with each of these different developments I decided to call the doctor so we could get an appointment.  They were able to give us an appointment on Thursday.  You were fine in the middle of the day.  A couple of days you even wanted to go out for a ride in the car.  You and Bella enjoyed hanging out in the car while I got some things done.  Then Thursday came and I brought you to the doctor.  I told her some of my concerns and she wanted to find out right away if there was anything serious going on.  She wanted you to have blood work done a while ago, but I never got it done.  It was difficult because all the locations for your bloodwork were at least half an hour away, plus you were supposed to fast before.  So, those two things made for a difficult plan to get that done.  So the doctor's plan was to have us go over to the emergency room at the hospital near her office so we could get many different tests done right away.  Originally, because I had made the appointment at 3, I hoped we would get in there and out of there before dinner time and hoped to go visit a cool cupcake place.  I was so excited because I heard some great things about this cupcake place.  They have a maple bacon cupcake that I am dying to try.  Well, even though we were there at three, and were out of there by a little before 4, we had to go right over to the hospital emergency room.  I am not familiar with this hospital, so that was a little weird, too.  I got a wheelchair and figured out where we needed to go, and got you all checked in.  They got you changed into a gown, set up on a monitor and took some blood.  You were cold, so they found some blankets for you.  After all that they took you for a scan of some kind I think, then you came back.  They tried to take some more blood, but had a hard time finding a vein to get some, but you were a trooper.  I was reading a good book, so it was nice to read while we waited.  They wanted to take a urine sample, but you already needed to go the the bathroom and mentioned to me that you had already gone in your Depends.  You told me that twice.  Not long after you told me is when they came in to get the sample.  I told them you had already gone.  The took the Depends off and they put a bed pan under you.  You just weren't able to go again, so one of the nurses asked if he could use a catheter.  They were hoping to get the tests done as quickly as they possible.  I worried about how you would handle it, and I warned them of such.  But you did amazingly well, I was so surprised and proud of you!  Next thing I knew it was 8 o'clock, and it didn't seem that you were done yet, and poor Bella was at home waiting to go out.  The doctor had come in to tell me that the blood that they had been trying to get from your hand just wasn't able to be checked properly because as it hit against the vial some part of it would break apart and they couldn't get an accurate read.  So she asked if it would be OK to take it from your groin area with a larger needle.  I didn't know how you would do with that, but I told her you did better with the catheter than I could have imagined!  So I gave her permission to try.  You did very well with that as well!  When that was done, I rushed home to Bella to take her out before I rushed back to see if I could take you home.  I have to admit I was getting a little anxious because your doctor said she would see how the tests went, and then determine whether she would keep you in the hospital.  I really hoped and prayed you wouldn't have to do that.  First of all this wasn't our normal hospital, then I didn't know how you would do.  You get so nervous when I'm not right with you.  I was getting a little emotional about that thought.  Plus, you hadn't even eaten since 2.  When I came back, not too long afterward the doctor came in and said that all the tests came back fine, and your doctor said you could come home.  I was so thankful for that!!  We went to McDonald's so we could get something to eat, then finally headed home.  Definitely different than the plans I had, but it's just great to know things were good.  And once again your strength and resolve amaze me!!  So thankful you're OK!  I love you!


  1. I know this was so scary for you. Hospital stays are especially hard on Alzheimer's patients.
    So good to hear that all the testing was negative and your mom could go home.

    1. It really was pretty scary! The Lord did help me a lot! That's what I thought, that it would be hard for her to be overnight and someplace without me. I don't think she would have understood.
      But yes, I was so thankful just to know everything was OK. Hugs to you! Hope you have a great week!