Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can't find the words...

Dear Mom,

Some of our conversations have been interesting lately. You are struggling more finding the right words to express what you are trying to say. We have been able to laugh about it thankfully, so it's kind of fitting to try to go back to remember some of the fun things you've said lately. While we were at physical therapy, the therapist was telling you how you need to stretch out your hamstrings because they are so tight, as she is working you out to stretch them, you breathlessly ask, "What are my hamstands anyway?" I couldn't help but to laugh, that of course made you laugh, which in turn made the therapist laugh. We were all pretty giggly girls for a little while! Then you were in the bathroom and something fell and banged, so I opened the door to check on you to see if you were OK. You looked at me and said, "It was just my corn that fell..." "Your what, mom?" "Wait, I mean my cane." Again, I had to giggle a little bit, which seems to get you laughing as well. The other night when I brought Bella to bed there was a show about cute puppies and babies. I had to ooh and aah because there were some super cute puppies and babies, as I did, I guess I was driving you a little crazy, you looked at me and said, "Get a grape!" (supposed to be "Get a grip.") Right away after that one we both started laughing extremely hard. It got to the point that you had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom again. That made us both laugh even more. I'm so glad we can laugh and smile about these things. I know those moments of not being able to find the right words can be frustrating. So, it's important for me to keep things light. Other times we're not cracking up necessarily, but you will be trying to say something, and I'll just try to figure out what you are trying to say or what you are talking about. I read in an Alzheimer's article that that's the best thing that I can do. Sometimes I want to try to make you figure it out, I think it's because I secretly hope it will maybe help "fix" you. Slowly, I'm coming to terms that I am not going to be able to "fix" you. So, instead, I just want to enjoy these moments, smile, laugh, and remember them fondly. I love to hear you laugh and also love to hear you say, "You're so funny, you make me laugh! I love laughing with you!" Makes my day! Well guess what, I love laughing with you, too! Love you!

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