Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Smile Moment

Dear Mom,
Today I was able to be home with you and Bella. It was Columbus Day, so I had the day off. We had a pretty chill day, I was pretty tired. We had a good breakfast together. The homemaker/companion came and I took Bella on a little walk to calm her down, since as you have said this companion doesn't seem to be too keen on her. When we came back I went downstairs to play the Wii. You actually came downstairs, you even stood behind me and tried to join me. You were pretty active for not getting around so well lately! Of course after a short while you were in the chair just watching, but still you surprised me. I had to take you to physical therapy again. I was sort of waiting to see if you would say something about the bookstore again, you didn't, but you did look to see the cars in the parking lot. We got to your physical therapy and you did a terrific job. I know you get tired and you hurt, but you keep trying, you made me proud again. We had some good laughs while you were working with the therapist. She was telling you that you needed to stretch your hamstrings more. You asked her, "What are my hamstands?". I had to laugh and then you did, and once I got composed enough to tell her she laughed as well, but said she has heard all kinds of things from people that had no idea what she was talking about. Then at one point she was asking you to do a certain exercise and you told her she was so pretty that you would try to do that for her. You were so cute! After physical therapy we had to go to CVS to pick up your prescriptions. As we pulled in the parking space that's when you really put a smile on my face. There were some old hymns playing on the radio, "I Surrender All" came on and you started singing it, you remembered the words. I left the car on, went in and got your meds, when I came out you were humming another song. Another song came on and you started singing the alto part to that song. I asked you if you remembered the title and you did and told me, of course, I don't remember it now. :) Then when we got home we heard "Have you any room for Jesus?" You didn't remember the title, but you did remember the words at the end, "bid him enter while you may". The interesting thing about that is they just showed on the news how music, old songs can be used to help alzheimer's patients in some nursing homes. It showed people singing along to old songs they remembered, it was so sweet to see. I started thinking about you and if you would remember, and there you were showing me it's still there. I love these moments!! And I just really want to treasure each one. LOVE these smile moments!!! :D I love you!

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