Saturday, March 10, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Dear Mom,

Wow!!  What a difference from last week to this past week.  We went from being totally out of it, to pretty much back to normal.  We went from eating toast, chicken soup, and oatmeal, to eating normally.  It has been so nice to feel back to normal.  You have really been doing well.  Last week you struggled with accidents pretty much every morning.  This past week.....there were no accidents at all, not even days that I woke up late and got you up later, nothing...not one accident...all week!  I've gotten pretty spoiled.  You did struggle though, with the fact that I had to leave you each day.  You had gotten very used to me being home with you.  You also have been forgetting to take Bella out, because for that week you never had to.  The poor girl couldn't wait to go out when I got home.  You also got back to eating normally again.  My friend Angie had given us some pasta that she had made.  One night I fixed that with some rolls, every once in a while you try to be a little helpless, so after you saw me butter my roll you asked me, "Can you butter me?"  Well, you know how I am, so I put some butter on the knife and started to move it toward your hand, hee hee.  You pulled your hand back and started cracking!  Well, you asked me to butter you!   It was great to feel well enough to really laugh!  You have also definitely been back to eating your ice cream, too.  The week we were sick you never asked for any.  I didn't make a big deal about it when we were better.  I think you forgot about it for a while.  Well, this past Thursday, I got home from school and threw something in the trash.  As I opened it, I saw two cartons of ice cream in the trash.  Now don't worry it's not as bad as it seems, there were only a couple of spoonfuls left in one carton, and the other carton had already been half eaten.  But it's been great seeing you doing so well this week!  And it's nice for both of us to be able to feel back to normal...whatever that is, hee hee! I love you!


  1. So good to read that you and your mom are doing well and having fun and laughter together.
    I know you cherish those times!!

  2. Thanks so much, Dolores!! It is so nice to feel back to normal! Yes, I love these little special memories. I have to write them down so I will always have them to look on and remember! :) Hugs to you!