Sunday, February 26, 2012

Car Rides

Dear Mom,

I was going to write about what a crazy week this has been, but this is something I have wanted to write about, so I am going to do it before I forget.  Car rides are big for you now.  Often you want to go out and "do something", but many times now that just means going along for the car ride.  Yesterday I had to get some things from Target and Stop and Shop, you wanted to come along, too.  But I knew you would not be up for walking around in either of those places.  So, as I suspected, you said you would just stay in the car.  And, that's what you did.  One of the things you always seem to notice lately are the birds...not just any birds, but as we ride along, you look at the light posts.  You'll tell me to look at all the birds sitting on the light posts.  Since it is winter, you usually are feeling bad for them being out in the cold.  You wonder out loud where they go at night, or what they eat.  Yesterday as we were driving to Target, one of the first things you said was there are no birds on the lights today.  You've never been a huge bird person that I know, but I think (but I'm not sure that I am remembering correctly) that you maybe had a small bird when you were younger.  Either way, you seem to notice them each time we go for our car rides.  It just strikes me funny that you always seems to notice them, whether they are out or not.  We also went to McDonald's that is in a strip mall.  That place always has lots of sea gulls flying around, and there were plenty of them out yesterday.  Of course you noticed all of them and mentioned something to me about them.  So, these car rides are important to you, so far be it for me to keep you from going on your car rides, and keeping track of your birds!  I love you!


  1. So glad Mom is finding joy in the birds she sees. Sometimes it takes such a little thing to trigger a thought well hidden in that complex mind filled with Alzheimers. Blessings to you for a wonderful week.

  2. I'm having a hard time posting any comments on your blog. I'm not sure this will go through.....anyway, here goes AGAIN..... I love that your mom is enjoying the birds!

    I took David riding every morning and afternoon.... he loved going for a ride. I'm missing those rides so much, but..... I know that he's where he needs to be right now.... but it's still so sad. I pray for a cure or better medications to help with this awful disease ...soon.

  3. Yes, thank you, Latane! It is very cute how she notices them or just sometimes how concerned she is about them! Such a crazy disease that can't really be figured out. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers mom has been battling the flu and now today I am as well. It's been a bit crazy around here, but God's given strength! Thinking of you often! I haven't been able to get around to all the blogs to read them or comment, but I'll be by. :)

  4. Awww I'm so sorry, Dolores! I will have to check that out somehow. Glad it went through this time. Thank you for continuing to try. You gave me a great idea...i just need to do that with mom on days when I can. She really does like getting out and doesn't ever mind just hanging out if i to go in someplace quickly. And she's not a wanderer because she's in too much pain. But I'll still be observant and careful. I'm sure you must miss those times, but it's wonderful to see him doing so well! I often think of you when I think of someone finding a cure. Praying for that! Please pray for mom and I as we've been struggling with the flu! It's been a little crazy. Thank you! Hugs!